SPO combines knowledge and expertise in the pensions industry. We consider it essential to make that knowledge and expertise directly accessible and applicable. This is the only way in which people and organisations can continuously learn from each other and therefore perform at their very best in a constantly changing environment.

The Dutch pensions industry founded SPO through a collective initiative in 1991. Since then, we have focused on innovative, effective and efficient learning solutions, because you, as individual or organisation, wish to keep on learning and achieve optimum performance. We use every opportunity to make learning and performance easier and more efficient for you.

We bring the learning and working environments closer together and ensure that the right knowledge and skills are available, both now and in the future. With that future in mind, organisations increasingly rely on comprehensive support.

SPO has the required experience to offer the best solutions. The key here is insight into and the ability to keep a grip on development. We focus on a continual process, not on isolated moments; we believe this is the best way to help you.

SPO offers a solid pensions curriculum. That is the foundation, supported by our all-round services aimed at enabling you to achieve your strategic goals:

  • Always up to date: We have the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills for both your present and future needs, supported by innovative tools and systems.
  • Carefree: The entire organisation and coordination of your training is taken care of.